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Account Management

Automate CRUD for Kubernetes accounts.

The Problem

Spinnaker operators are frequently required to add, remove, and edit accounts for various cloud providers.

However, manually editing a config file is time consuming and can introduce errors into your code.

The Solution

Armory Account Management uses an API to allow you to programmatically manage Kubernetes accounts and enable automation for configuring Spinnaker accounts. Using the Account Management API will serve as a means to quickly and efficiently add new accounts to Spinnaker, and make them available to your users as soon as they’re provisioned.

How it Works

With the Account Management API, CRUD operations for an account are easy:

Step 1: Call the API.

Step 2: That’s it! Clouddriver takes care of the rest dynamically. No downtime.

Automate the CRUD, and let your engineers never worry about account management again.

$ curl -X POST http://mgmt-api-url/api/v1/accounts \
  -d '{
      "cloudProvider": "kubernetes",
      "config": {
              "name": "added-from-api",
              "providerVersion": "v2",
              "kubeconfigContents": "",
              "metrics": false,
              "liveManifestCalls": false

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