Our Tribe

We’re building a tribe culture that includes the people we work
with and those that support us in our personal lives.

  • daniel

    Daniel Odio


    Past: General Electric TLP, Socialize (exit), AppMakr (exit), ShareThis
    Expertise: Startups, B2B sales
    Fav. Armory Post: Armory Manifesto
    Fav. Activities: Kiteboarding, mountain biking, health hacking, being a dad

  • isaac

    Isaac Mosquera


    Past: XM Radio, Socialize (exit), AppMakr (exit), ShareThis
    Expertise: Building happy & productive technical teams
    Fav. Armory Post: Complex pipelines with Spinnaker
    Fav. Activities: Mountain biking, scoping out delicious chix wings

  • ben

    Ben Mappen


    Past: Adara, Techcofounder (exit), LeanLaunchLab, ShareThis
    Expertise: Building amazing products, growth hacking
    Fav. Armory Post: Multi-cloud deployments with Spinnaker
    Fav. Activities: Building startups, exploring the SF food scene

  • andrew

    Andrew Backes

    Sr. Engineer

    Past: ShareThis
    Expertise: High velocity senior engineer, dev pipelines
    Fav. Armory Post: Chat about multi-cloud deployments
    Fav. Activities:Creating winning chess algorithms, building autonomous vehicles

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