What’s Inside

Armory Spinnaker makes it easy to install and configure
an enterprise-grade, production-ready Spinnaker within your company’s walls

Armory Spinnaker Architecture


Features and Benefits

  • Armory Installer™

    Provisions Spinnaker instances within your Virtual Private Clouds with these characteristics:

    Multiple Zones: Spinnaker infrastructure is deployed into multiple availability zones providing redundancy and failover protection.

    Multiple Regions: Multi-region configurations are also available to provide additional levels of global redundancy.

    Want to try it? You can install Armory Spinnaker right here and try it free in {evaluation} mode.

  • Armory Lighthouse™

    Monitors and protects your Spinnaker installation while giving you a view into it.

    Monitoring: Intelligently monitors health and availability of Spinnaker sub-services as well as other integrated resources to facilitate graceful restarts if failure occurs.

    Audit Portal: Provides a queryable interface to perform AMI ancestry audits, with a visual parent/child dependency tree output.

    Usage Statistics: Provides a dashboard with granular usage statistics. Usage data can also be sent to DataDog.

  • Armory Composition™

    Extends Spinnaker. Also enables Spinnaker to deploy (and rollback) Spinnaker.

    Logging: Seamless integration with popular Centralized Logging solutions such as Splunk, Sumo Logic, ELK Stack, etc.

    Release Management: Enables zero-downtime upgrades to latest, stable & fully integration tested Armory Spinnaker versions.

    Configuration Management: A version-controlled configuration enabling reproducible deployments of Armory Spinnaker. Also enables pain-free rollbacks to previous configurations.

  • Pluggable Architecture

    Armory Barometer, our Automated Canary Analysis engine, plugs right into Armory Spinnaker.

  • Weekly Updates

    Armory releases stable updates to Spinnaker on a weekly basis so you always have the most recent features.

  • Enterprise Support

    A dedicated team provides enterprise support via email, phone, and Slack, with a 1-hour response time for P0 issues.

Prevent bad deployments with Armory Barometer

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