• Save Money

    Bad software deployments are expensive, requiring precious engineering time to debug while also breaking customer trust. Armory Barometer identifies bad deployments and stops them before they happen, saving you money in the process.

  • Reduce Downtime

    Armory Barometer significantly reduces your system downtime by ensuring that only the most stable releases get to production. Barometer uses machine learning and AI to determine good vs. bad deployments and improves its accuracy over time.

  • Enterprise Support

    A dedicated team provides enterprise support via email, phone, and Slack and a 1-hour response time for P0 issues.

Barometer integrates with Spinnaker


Choose Armory Spinnaker or Open Source Spinnaker

Armory Spinnaker

“On-prem” within your VPC
Easy to install and configure with CLI
Weekly updates
Enterprise support

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Open-Source Spinnaker

Not Yet Available
Please contact us if you'd like to
use Barometer with OSS Spinnaker

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